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Below you will find a glossary of acronyms with a small description of their meaning used most commonly in the field of Preppers and Survivalist.

SHTF: "Sh*t Hits The Fan"

A term used to describe a devastating situation that leads to social chaos.

BOB: "Bug-Out Bag"

A portable bag filled with survival essentials that can be grabbed and taken when evacuating.

TEOTWAWKI: "The End Of The World As We Know It"

A situation in which a community’s social structure and economic infrastructure are so badly damaged that it is unable to function normally again. This is a common occurrence following natural disasters or political revolutions.

WROL: "Without Rule Of Law"

A phrase denoting lawlessness has taken over.

EDC: "Everyday Carry"

Items that a person carries with them on a daily basis to be prepared for emergencies or unexpected situations.

GHB: "Get Home Bag"

A personal emergency kit smaller than a bug-out bag that helps someone get home during an emergency.

MRE: "Meals Ready to Eat"

Military-style food rations that are made to last and stay nourished.

NBC: "Nuclear, Biological, Chemical"

An expression that refers to a type of assault or catastrophe in which hazards play a part.

PPE: "Personal Protective Equipment"

A protective device for a person, consisting of clothing or equipment necessary to avoid physical, biological, or chemical harm.

QRF: "Quick Reaction Force"

a group of people trained to respond quickly to emergencies.

BOL: "Bugging Out Location"

A bug-out location is also known as a secondary dwelling or retreat. It is a location where a person or group plans to go when leaving their home during an emergency.

CBRN: "Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear"

An example of an event or attack that involves these kinds of dangers.

INCH: "I'm Not Coming Home"

An emergency kit designed to last for a long time, usually packed into a large backpack or other portable container.

IFAK: "Individual First Aid Kit"

A portable first aid kit that someone keeps on them at all times.

OPSEC: "Operational Security"

The practice of preventing potential harm or negative consequences by keeping sensitive information confidential.

EMP: "Electromagnetic Pulse"

An incident of electromagnetic radiation that can harm electronic equipment and infrastructure.

BOL: "Bug-Out Location"

A specified location where a person or group is planning to go in the event of an emergency.

TCCC: "Tactical Combat Casualty Care"

A set of techniques and procedures for treating injuries in combat or an emergency situation.

WTSHTF: "When The Sh*t Hits The Fan"

More like SHTF, but more definitive.

TSHTF: "The Sh*t Hits The Fan

Another variation of SHTF.

EOTW: "End Of The World"

An event of catastrophic proportions.##

In other words, a term used to describe a devastating event.

OP: "Observation Post"

A spot where someone or something can watch their surroundings safely.

ABC: "Always Be Carrying"

The philosophy of always keeping a weapon close at hand for personal defence.

SITREP: "Situation Report"

A report that provides information about the current situation in a given area.