As we glance at the new year ahead, there’s a burning question that’s captured many a conversation: “What are preppers preparing for in 2023?”

With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s no wonder why many are turning to the prepper lifestyle.

At, we’re here to unravel this mystery for you.

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Key Elements Takeaway

For those who value foresight and preparedness, this comprehensive article on “What Are Preppers Preparing for in 2023?” is a goldmine of valuable insights. Here are the key takeaways that stand out:

  1. Adapting to Economic Instability: Preppers are bracing for potential economic downturns and inflation, understanding that such scenarios can impact their ability to secure essential resources.

  2. Prepping for Cyber Threats: With the rise in digital dependence, preppers are becoming more aware of the potential risks and preparing for potential cyber-attacks and digital data breaches.

  3. Bracing for the Climate Crisis: Preppers are paying attention to climate change and its potential impact on our everyday life, from food and water scarcity to the threat of natural disasters.

  4. Urban Survival: More than just wilderness survival, preppers are learning to navigate and survive in urban environments, understanding that emergencies can occur anywhere, anytime.

  5. Preparing for Technological Breakdowns: In an age of technological dependency, preppers are learning to adapt to life without electricity and securing gear that doesn’t rely on power grids.

  6. Guarding Against Health Crises: Learning from the global pandemic, preppers are preparing for future health crises with medical kits, home remedies, and basic medical knowledge.

  7. Navigating Political Instability: Aware of the potential risks of political upheaval, preppers are prepared to face any challenges that could arise from sudden changes in the political climate.

This article serves as a roadmap for those who wish to face 2023 confidently, armed with knowledge and preparedness. Ready to start your journey towards self-reliance? Dive into this article and visit to learn more

The Age of Preparedness: An Overview

Preppers are individuals who prioritize readiness for various potential disasters, from economic collapse to natural calamities.

The prepper community in 2023 is focusing on several key areas which we’ll delve into throughout this article.

Prepping for Economic Instability

Economic instability is at the forefront of many preppers’ minds.

Whether it’s the potential for hyperinflation, a stock market crash, or job loss, being financially prepared is a priority for many preppers.

Food Security: An Ever-Present Concern

One cannot overlook the importance of food security.

With supply chain disruptions and increasing food prices, preppers are stockpiling non-perishable foods and learning about sustainable practices like gardening and farming.

Health Preparedness

In light of recent global health crises, having a first aid kit and knowledge of basic healthcare procedures is essential.

Some preppers are even acquiring fish antibiotics and learning about essential oils for their potential health benefits.

Survival Skills Are Key

Knowing how to survive in different scenarios is a cornerstone of the prepper lifestyle.

Preppers are learning and honing their survival skills, with a special emphasis on bushcraft skills for urban preppers and starting a fire.

Power Outages and Energy Independence

With increasing energy demands and potential for power grid failures, preppers are looking into alternative energy sources and preparing for long-term power outages.

Civil Unrest and Personal Safety

In a volatile world, ensuring personal safety is paramount.

Preppers are focusing on self-defense and home defense strategies, with some even exploring the use of ham radios for communication during emergencies.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters

As climate change becomes more apparent, preparing for extreme weather events and natural disasters is a significant concern for preppers in 2023.

Urban vs. Rural Prepping

The decision to bug in or bug out is a personal one, and preppers are making plans based on their circumstances.

Some are looking for the best places to live or buying land, while others are figuring out how to survive in an urban environment.

Mental Preparedness

Psychological resilience is as important as physical preparedness.

Preppers are focusing on mental preparedness, understanding the emotional challenges they may face in a crisis.

Financial Preparedness

A solid financial plan forms the backbone of any prepper’s strategy.

From storing cash to investing in assets like silver, preppers are exploring all avenues to secure their financial future.

Communication Breakdown

With the increasing risk of communication networks going down during a crisis, preppers are learning about alternative communication methods, like ham radios.

Prepping for Cyber Threats

In our digital world, cyber threats pose a real danger.

Preppers are taking steps to protect their digital assets and personal information from potential cyber-attacks.

Building a Community

While self-reliance is key, many preppers understand the importance of community in survival scenarios.

They are forming networks with like-minded people for mutual assistance and support.

Water Security

Access to clean, potable water is a fundamental survival need.

Preppers are devising ways to store water and purify it in a crisis.

Learning from History

Preppers are taking cues from historical events and countries like Venezuela, studying how individuals and societies have coped with various crises.

The Ever-Changing Climate

Climate change is not just an environmental issue, but also a significant survival challenge.

Preppers are paying attention to extreme weather patterns and their potential effects on our daily lives.

From wildfires and hurricanes to extended droughts, these natural disasters can disrupt food and water supply, electricity, and transportation.

Preppers are learning survival skills to cope with these scenarios, such as how to survive in a forest.

Urban Survival and Self-Sufficiency

With more people living in cities than ever before, urban survival is becoming a focal point for preppers.

They’re learning to be self-sufficient in a concrete jungle, developing essential bushcraft skills for urban preppers like foraging for food, navigating urban landscapes, and understanding the importance of blending in.

Technological Breakdown

While technology has brought conveniences to our lives, it has also made us more vulnerable.

A power grid failure could disrupt all aspects of life, from communication to transportation and healthcare.

Preppers are learning to adapt to life without electricity and are stockpiling essential gear that doesn’t rely on the power grid, such as survival blankets and survival bracelets.

The Rise of Pandemics

The global pandemic has shown us that disease outbreaks are a real and present danger.

Preppers are learning from this experience and preparing for potential health crises in 2023 by building medical kits, learning about home remedies like essential oils, and studying basic medical procedures.

Political Instability

Political instability can lead to civil unrest, economic hardship, and even war.

Preppers are keeping an eye on global politics and preparing for any eventualities that could arise from political change.

This could involve anything from securing their homes, learning self-defense, to living in their cars if necessary.


In the face of uncertainty, being prepared is key. Whether it’s climate change, cyber threats, or potential health crises, preppers are gearing up to face these challenges head-on in 2023.

Interested in joining the ranks of the prepared? Visit to learn more about how you can start your journey towards self-reliance.

For additional information, The American Red Cross is an excellent external resource for disaster preparedness.

Remember, preparation is not paranoia, but a proactive approach to ensure your survival and well-being in the face of adversity.

Face 2023 with confidence – be prepared, be a prepper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About What Are Preppers Preparing for in 2023? 

What is the main focus of preppers in 2023?

The main focus of preppers in 2023 is economic instability, cyber threats, climate crisis, urban survival, technological breakdowns, health crises, and political instability.

How are preppers preparing for potential economic downturns in 2023?

Preppers are hoarding essential goods, investing in precious metals, and learning self-sustainability skills to prepare for potential economic downturns.

Why are cyber threats a concern for preppers in 2023?

As our dependence on digital platforms increases, the risk of cyber threats rises. Preppers are learning about digital security and preparing for potential data breaches.

How are preppers preparing for the climate crisis in 2023?

Preppers are learning to adapt to different weather patterns, securing renewable water and food sources, and preparing for natural disasters.

How can one prepare for urban survival in 2023?

Urban survival involves learning skills such as navigating public transport systems, blending into crowds, and securing essential resources in a city.

Why are preppers preparing for technological breakdowns in 2023?

Preppers are preparing for technological breakdowns as our society becomes increasingly dependent on electricity and the internet, which could be vulnerable in a crisis.

How are preppers preparing for potential health crises in 2023?

Preppers are stocking up on medical supplies, learning basic medical skills, and understanding the importance of hygiene and sanitation to prevent diseases.

What political instabilities are preppers preparing for in 2023?

Preppers are preparing for potential political instabilities that could lead to unrest, changes in laws, or interruptions in supply chains.

Are preppers preparing for nuclear threats in 2023?

While the risk is considered low, some preppers do consider the potential for nuclear threats and prepare accordingly with nuclear shelters and radiation detection devices.

What are the key skills preppers are learning in 2023?

Key skills include wilderness and urban survival, first aid, self-defense, homesteading, and cyber security.

How can I start prepping for 2023?

Start by identifying potential threats, make a plan, learn necessary skills, and start building your supplies gradually.

How much money should I save for prepping in 2023?

The amount varies based on individual circumstances, but it’s wise to have enough to cover at least three months of living expenses.

How are preppers storing food for 2023?

Preppers use a variety of methods such as canning, dehydrating, and freeze-drying. They also focus on stocking long-lasting staples.

Are there prepping communities I can join in 2023?

Yes, there are many online and offline communities where you can learn, share, and get support for your prepping journey.

What are preppers' views on climate change in 2023?

Most preppers acknowledge the risks posed by climate change and include it in their preparations.

Are preppers considered paranoid or smart in 2023?

Perception varies, but many see preppers as forward-thinking individuals who take practical steps to ensure their safety and survival in various scenarios. Check Are Preppers Mentally Ill or Crazy Smart for more insights.

What are the essential items in a prepper's kit in 2023?

Essential items often include food, water, medical supplies, tools, self-defense items, and items for shelter and warmth. Check out Prepper’s Survival Gear for a comprehensive list.

How much water should I store for prepping in 2023?

It’s generally recommended to store at least one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days. For more details, see How Do Preppers Store Water.

How are preppers approaching self-defense in 2023?

Preppers in 2023 are learning various self-defense techniques, and many also stock up on self-defense tools. More on this can be found at Self-Defense for Preppers.

Why are preppers stockpiling nickels in 2023?

Some preppers stockpile nickels because of their intrinsic metal value and the belief that they could serve as a form of currency in a post-collapse scenario. Learn more at Why Do Preppers Hoard Nickels.

How are preppers storing food for long-term use in 2023?

In 2023, preppers are storing food in several ways, including canning, drying, and freeze-drying. They’re focusing on non-perishable items and foods specifically designed for long-term storage. For more on this, see Prepper Foods to Stockpile.

How much cash should a prepper keep on hand in 2023?

The amount of cash to keep on hand varies depending on personal circumstances and the specific situation being prepared for. Generally, having enough to cover a month’s worth of expenses is a good starting point. More insights can be found at How Much Cash Should a Prepper Have.

What skills are most crucial for preppers in 2023?

Essential skills for preppers in 2023 include first aid, food preservation, basic mechanics, and self-defense. But there are many more. See Prepper Skills for a comprehensive list.

What are the main differences between preppers and survivalists in 2023?

The difference lies mostly in mindset and approach. While there’s a lot of overlap, survivalists often focus on wilderness survival, while preppers prepare for a wide range of scenarios, including both urban and wilderness survival. More about this at The Differences Between Preppers and Survivalists.

Why is Sweden encouraging citizens to become preppers?

Sweden is encouraging its citizens to prepare for potential crises to increase national resilience. This initiative has been observed and considered by many preppers worldwide. To know more, visit Why is Sweden Encouraging Citizens to Become Preppers.

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